The Crimson Armour is a magical armour split in several pieces each one being owned by a powerful warrior. The wearer of the whole armour is powerful enough to reunite and conquer Japan and become the most powerful person in the land

The Crimson Armour is sought by the feudal lord Oda Nobunaga and the storyline is based around a quest to find and summon it.


The Crimson Armour was first sought by Oda Nobunaga who battled againist the strongest samurais in order to win over their pieces. It was first stolen by Date Masamune, who gathered the pieces from the Honnouji residence where Nobunaga, Mitsuhide and Hideyoshi were currently lodging. She was eventually caught by Ieyasu who defeated Masamune and ran away to Nobunaga's castle hiding the pieces in her home, then wearing it she became invincible and destroyed Nobunaga's castle and her town. It toke a lot of effort to out-do Ieyasu approximatley 10 people working together managed to halt Ieyasu's unbelievable revenge. The armour at the end of the series was considered uneeded and worthless by Nobunaga who destroyed it as Date Masamune tried to abduct it once more.


Boasting a large and thick texture. The Crimson Armour is scarlet red hence its name and is adorned with golden decoration.

All original owners of the Crimson Armour  Edit

Oda Nobunaga, Akechi Mitsuhide (possible), Tokugawa Ieyasu, Yoshimoto Imagawa, Kenshin Uesugi, Shingen Takeda, Mori Motonari, Ootamo Sourin and Motochika Chosakabe.

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