Yoshimoto Imagawa, is a supporting character of Battle Girls Time Paradox. She is a warrioress who specializes in Archery and her main colour is Green.Yoshimoto was revealed to be an avid Yuri fan in the seventh episode of the series. 



Yoshimoto had her debut in episode 3 of the series~ aka Sky Maiden where she was forced to either give up her piece of the Crimson Armour or fight Nobunaga.She eventually decided a battle which consisted of competing againist Nobunaga in a range of olympic sports.Eventually it ended in equal ties, causing there to be a final challenge of Kite Flying after she declared Nobunaga the winner, she became an ally of Nobunaga and decided that she would leave her to conquer Japan.

Yoshimoto also appeared in Ghost Story Maiden and Drama Maiden where she played a bigger role as one of the main characters of the play and also helped Hideyoshi write a script, in one of the last episodes she sided with Nobunaga in order to stop a rampageous Ieyasu who had ultimatley stolen the Crimson Armour.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Yoshimoto is one of the more feminine warriors. She is well educated, self concious, kind and mature. At first she seems to be the more dominant one out of her and Ieyasu, though the two have a loving sisterly bond. Her hobbies also include dressing up, writing and reading.

Yoshimoto has long jet black raven hair which reaches back length, dark blue eyes and pale skin. She wears rather a pointy green hat and an embroided dress which is split in the middle revealing her leggings and legwarmers like the other warriors she wears traditional Japanese sandals.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Yoshimoto seems to have great eye co-ordination and stance she can launch powerful arrows from her Yumi and control green shockwaves.


Her voice actress in Japanese in Rei Mochizuki.

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