Oda Nobunaga, is a main character in Battle Girls: Time Paradox. She is the female feudal lord of Owari and her main goal in the anime is to capture all pieces of the Crimson Armour in order to reunite Japan, with the help of her two retainers Hideyoshi and Mitsuhide. Nobunaga is shown to be physically the strongest of all the characters shown in the series and has control over fire.


Nobunaga first met Hideyoshi when she had just been transported to the Warring States era, after Mitsuhide's attempts to stop a gang of terrorists, Nobunaga appeared out of a fire, she toke out her 'Blade of Fury' smashing it againist the enemies,who later fled for their lives. She then asked Hideyoshi for her name, Hideyoshi (then not knowing she was in the Warring States Era), decided to go with Nobunaga and Mitsuhide making a promise to help her find the Crimson Armour. She began to lodge at Nobunaga's house. Nobunaga often travels with her retainers to find the Crimson Armour. Her first opponents were Yoshimoto and Ieyasu in episode 3, followed by Kenshin and Shingnen and the Saigoku Three. Towards the end of the series, she fights with the main cast to stop an evil Tokugawa Ieyasu and destroys The Crimson Armour- the very thing she wanted to gain, saying that its needless, likely after seeing how it affected Ieyasu. And in the final episode, she gives a warm farewell to Hideyoshi and Date, before they travel back to their time.

Personality and Appearance

Nobunaga is quicktempered, confident, always extremely accurate and very brave. She is probabley the best Samurai in all Japan. Even though she may seem tough, Nobunaga is not at all a cruel master. She is encouraging and helpful to her allies and always keeps her promises. She is also kind, deeply caring, fearless, serious, down to earth and very strong and powerful.

Oda Nobunaga has a tall stature, she has a large (not fat) body with a big chest.Oda has small yellow eyes and long dark red hair tied up in a large ponytail.She usually wears Battle Armour a Black top and shorts with a cape, long boots and gloves. She sometimes dresses casually in a Kimono.

Powers and Abilities

Oda carries a giant sword which she introduces as 'The Blade of Fury'.It can literially tear apart anything it touches.She can also control flames. Anyone who has the guts to battle againist Nobunaga has little if no chance of winning against her.


Oda Nobunaga striking her Blade of Fury


She is actually named after the real Oda Nobunaga, one of the most prominent figures of the Warring States era.

Her Seiyu is Yukari Tamura in the Games whilst in the Anime it is Megumi Toyoguchi who provides her voice.

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