Shiro, is a supporting character of the Battle Girls Time Paradox, he is a male dog who is knowledged in Time and the World. Because he is the only male is he instantly attracted to all of the females . Baring quite a strict side  with the funloving and dense Hideyoshi, he only ever talks around her. Shiro once tried to help her write a play but all of his ideas were rather inappropriate.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Shiro is a white dog hence his name, he has large eyes and has a short rather stocky proportion he can often be seen wearing a Military hat with a golden crescent moon like Masamune's.

Shiro is has rather a serious persona but when thinking to himself he can completely change to a dreamy, gentle character he is hopelessly perverted and once spyed on Nobunaga and Hideyoshi in the bath. He has obviously been added into the series as a source of Comedy.


His voice actor is Sasaki Nozumu in the anime.

Shiro's name transalates as White from Japanese

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